ARTOME BUSINESS – Adapts room into hidden experience

Artome Business a service that ensures effortless and efficient business environment for modern meetings and maintain high-quality of your facilities and brand.

With Smart Meeting – furniture there is no need for fixed projectors or speakers; wireless data transfer, state of art laser projector and embedded high-end speaker system are in one mobile solution.


Simply place it next to a wall

The Ultra Short Throw Lens lets you place the projector close to your wall for a giant image. With this placement there is no obstacles between projector and screen. Any white and straight wall is suitable for projection.

Transfer your meeting wherever you need it

Needs and space for meetings might differ rapidly. All models can be equipped with casters and easily transferable.

Embedded high-end audio system

Audio system is embedded into furniture, so no external speaker, amplifiers or wires are needed. Speakers which use state-of-art technology are coated with mdf-veneer, so it is impossible to see the difference between speaker and drawer.

Functional furniture

Artome Business models also operate as furniture. They include push-open drawers for storing your important items.





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