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Frequently asked questions – F.A.Q

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In General

Artome Smart Furniture in brief

Artome Smart Furniture amps up the sounds of your home, effortlessly.

Artome Smart Furniture amps up the sounds of your home, effortlessly without extra cables and visible device. Watch TV, stream content and listen to the music as You have used to, but relive the experience in a totally new way. As all the technology is integrated in the furniture to function with the existing devices, no new controllers or remotes are needed.

Are Artome Furniture available without the electronics?

Yes, Artome Drawers can be purchased without the electronics. They are excellent method to extend the storage capabilites of a home, retaining the unique Scandinavian looks of the Smart Furniture. Please, contact a retailer.

How do I get support on setting up my system or troubleshooting?

Every Artome Furniture contains quick start guide within the package. If the guide doesn’t cover the problem, more information can be found on this support site. Our customer service is also happy to help.

My product has been damaged during the transport. What should I do?

In the unfortunate case of a damage to goods during the transport, please contact our customer service as soon as possible. We are happy to fix the problems.

Stereo & Cinema

How can I be sure if my TV is functioning with a Artome TV-stand?

Artome TV-stand is functioning with all the TV’s. Modern flat-screen TV’s can be connected via HDMI-cable (if the television supports the CEC-standard) and older TV’s through analog audio connection. (The analog audio connection might require a separate adapter, adapters are not included).

I have set up the Artome TV-stand, but can not get a sound. What should I do?

  • Check the physical connection of the power cord and the HDMI-cable. All the cables should be connected firmly. The HDMI-cable should be connected to the HDMI ARC-connection of the television.
  • Check the support of the CEC-standard from the user manual of Your TV.
  • Check the TV-audion settings, “home theater” should be on.
  • Switch the digital audio out to Stereo, PCM- or LPCM from the TV-settings. Correct setting depends on the TV.
  • Use a different HDMI-cabe.
  • If the problem still exists contact our support.

Chests of drawers

The smart device doesn't connect to the drawer. What should I do?

Be sure that the Bluetooth of the device is on. Pair the device and the drawer again. If the AUX-connection of the drawer has been used, switch input mode to Bluetooth using the input method button behind the drawer.

I intend to use the external player / AUX-in mode (for example Google Chromecast Audio). What should I do?

External players can be connected via 3,5 mm auxilliary jack. Press the Mode-button to switch between aux and bluetooth.

One of the drawers can not be opened. Why is that?

The Artome Smart Drawers are design to contain all the audio electronics within the drawer. Therefore the sound box can not be opened. If you experience any problems with the audio quality, please contact our customer support.

Drawer opens or closes poorly, what should I do?

The correct way to open the drawers with the push-open mechanism is by gently pushing the upper center side of the drawer. If the functioning of the drawers still isn’t satisfactory, adjust the mechanism following the separate instructions. If adjusting the mechanism doesn’t help, the rails might be physically damaged, please contact our customer support.