The Scandinavian design of Vino brings the timeless style to Your home.

Artome Smart Furniture features a build-in high-end sound system, which will turn a TV stand into a home theater, convert a sofa into a set of wireless surround speakers, and reshape a chest of drawers into a wireless speaker.

Vino TV-stands

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Vino Stereo

Vino Stereo is a plug and play product designed for reproducing the sound of the TV in stereo quality.

The electronic parts and speakers are fully integrated, which makes the product easy to connect to the TV with an HDMI cable. Smart TVs and portable devices make wireless reproducing of sound possible.

Vino Stereo comes in a white finish with solid oak legs. The acoustic fabric of the front panel is black.

Vino Stereo is available in two widths, 150 cm and 183 cm. The top-notch audio quality and the electronics are equal in both sizes.

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Vino Cinema

Vino Cinema is a full home theater with its 3.1 speaker system. It brings a movie theater into your living room without any extra speakers or wires. Because the speakers are always optimally positioned, Vino Cinema fits in every space imaginable.

Since the integrated A/V-amplifier automatically connects to the device in use, its use requires neither remotes nor additional software – you will just use the TV or any portable device as you normally would.

Vino Cinema comes in a white finish and is supported by solid oak legs. The acoustic fabric of the front panel is black, but can be customized with five different colours.

Download VINO Cinema product card

Fabric colour variants for Vino Cinema:

Vino TV-stand

Vino TV-stand contains no technology. The other half of the stand is a drawer, the other half is a storage space with a door. The TV-stand is made of white painted MDF sheet and has solid oak legs.

Vino Sofa table

Vino Table contains no technology, as it is designed to accompany our Vino collection. The table is made of white painted MDF sheet and has solid oak legs

Vino chests of drawers

Our Vino collection includes four different sized chests of drawers. Each product features a drawer with an integrated speaker, whose sound quality will meet the needs of even the most demanding audiophile.

The Vino drawer is a bluetooth speaker, also equipped with a 3.5mm plug, which makes it connectable with any sound source available. Use of a media player (e.g. Chromecast Audio) makes setting up wireless and discreet multi-room audio possible.

The Chests of Drawers are made from white MDF sheet, and feature a high quality push-to-open mechanism that embraces the handle-free design of the products. Vino Chests of Drawers sit on solid oak legs.