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Enabling imagination

All-in-One audiovisual solution


all-in-one audiovisual solution with built-in projector and embedded sound system


transforms any space for presentation, learning and videoconferencing


eliminates the need for installation -saves time and money starting from the construction


Communication cart with built-in Epson ultra-short throw laser projector, embedded sound system and videoconferencing features

Layout picture about how Artome transforms spaces for evolving needs.


Maximizes the space utilization rate by transforming spaces for evolving needs.


Maximizes the space utilization rate by transforming spaces for evolving needs.

Artome from Finland

The goal of Artome is to plan and build audiovisual technology and make products that bring flexibility and easiness to the users without forgetting the aesthetic side.

Nordic design

Artome combines Nordic design and technology in a way you’ve never seen before as it blends perfectly to different locations. It’s made to fit to the interiors anywhere from offices to event venues. 

Maximize the sound

The embedded 2.1 sound system offers an easy-to-use audio to meet the versatile needs of different spaces. In addition, for larger experience Artome can be connected to external speakers. 


Artome brings flexibility and ease of use. It doesn’t need any installation or additional software and you can easily operate it with your laptop through HDMI or wirelessly. 

See the big picture

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Experience Artome

Smart furniture manufacturer from Finland
Artome M10 - All-in-one audiovisual solution

Flexibility and ease of use without forgetting the aesthetic side

Artome M10 enables plug & play video conferencing set-up with casting from a laptop or other device. It is installation free and compatible with any device or software. Thanks to our own technology innovation HybriDock™, that enables the use of (integrated) camera and microphones. The frame has a selection of three surface finishes and the upholstered door comes in various colors. 

Artome X20 - Double the experience

Scalable audiovisual solution for large spaces

Artome X20 transforms a gymnasium into an event venue or a lobby into a stage instantly, as it brings an extensive experience to any space.  The light output of 7000-10000 lumens produced by the Epson laser projector meets the needs of the most challenging and bright spaces. The embedded sound system offers powerful sound to meet the needs of a larger audience for example in an auditorium. 


Blog and News
Artome M10 -Kulosaari Secondary School

"Flexibility is one of the key features of the Finnish education system."

Kulosaari wanted to offer the students all kinds of spaces and flexible technology to support their success and growth for the future world. Read more why Kulosaari Secondary School chose installation free Artome and how it helped to save time and money all the way from construction to day-to-day work.