The Story behind Artome Smart Furniture

It was in the summer of 2013 that founder Toni Parikka of Artome was given an interesting assignment. A customer wanted a piece of furniture with in-built and hidden speaker and sound systems. Being an audio designer, Parikka knew the idea wasn’t viable – it would require a complete redesign of the furniture, taking into account the acoustics in order to not ruin the sound. But the idea lived on.

“As well as being known for its wealth of high-quality audio knowhow, Finland also has an enormous heritage of furniture design,” says Parikka. “The more I thought about it, the more I thought – how on earth have these two not been combined before?”

Soma online Overnight without dr approval Artome Cinema was born

TV screens are getting bigger and thinner, but there is no physical space for the high quality audio equipment inside. This means speakers and sound systems are being pushed externally instead. Interior design with Artome Smart Furniture means you get incredible sound quality but your room isn’t filled with bulky speakers and unsightly wires.

Artome Movea disrupts traditional AV-systems

Toni´s career has mainly been in audiovisual system integrations, so next step was obvious. Artome wants to get rid of cables, installations and user difficulties in business and public sector by creating movable audiovisual system. First version, Artome Beat was introduced in September 2017 in Finland and it was mainly focused in meeting rooms.

In January 2018 IMM expo in Cologne one principal of German university saw Artome Beat and insist that product for schools should be developed, because all fixed installations are very difficult and expensive in education sector.

After 6 months development Artome Movea was born in August 2018. Movea has same experience than traditional fixed systems, easiest to use UI and easy to move. Perfect AV-solution for any space with surface for projection. Schools and public sector immediately understood that this is really very good option for adaptive learning and collaboration.