Flexible and sustainable solutions for education

Can a technological pioneer be a sustainability influencer as well?

At the west coast of Finland you will find a university, which is at the vanguard of sustainable development with their extensive utilization of renewable energy. On their modern and innovative campus, they are a global pioneer in robotics and automation operation research. With flexible and adaptable spaces for learning, they aim to offer the latest tools for the needs of tomorrow. Welcome to the Satakunta University of Applied Sciences, SAMK, where this all is made into reality while actively maximizing the newly termed carbon handprint.

Solar panels and electric cars

SAMK has several campuses located in the western Finland. SAMK is highly committed to promoting sustainable and responsible development in all their endeavours and have even formed a specific taskforce to manage it . Though it might be easy to acknowledge and to indetify how to make better and greener choices, it can be challenging to actively implement them on a daily basis, but SAMK has succeeded in this. For example, at their campus in Pori the rooftops are lined with solar panels and a whole photovoltaic system has been built to generate electricity not only for their daily needs but it also provides invaluable data for research and study. Even travelling between the different campuses for their staff has been made green, as SAMK provides fully electric vehicles which are provided for this use.

Sustainable spaces for learning

One of the core values in planning the SAMK campus in Pori was conversion flexibility. The classrooms are designed to support different ways of teaching and learning. Spaces can easily be transformed to provide an optimal learning space for smaller groups one day, and the next be converted to accommodate a vast group of students. Of course, these adaptable spaces require flexible technology, which is able to adapt to the needs of the moment and that’s why SAMK has chosen the Artome M10.

We are accustomed to have projectors in our premises, but as they are installed to point to a single direction, the use is always limited. In addition, these fixed solutions expose the lamps of the projectors to shaking. This occurs when the devices are attached to the structures of the wall and the movement of the doors being opened and closed all the time effects on them. With Artome M10 there is no problem with this

says Timo Rinne and Tapio Fagerroos from the ICT- and digital services department of SAMK.

SAMK focuses on making the best choices from floor to the ceiling to support the well-being of the students and staff as well. For example, the lighting in the classrooms is designed to be eyesight friendly.

We wanted to use non-direct lighting in our spaces, so that the light does not interfere the projected images or create sharp edged shadows casting over desks. We have also installed fitted carpets to the classrooms to make acoustics better, although the choice raised some questions from the cleaning point of view at first. But the carpets we chose are actually quite exceptional -they are made from fishing line and therefore are easy to maintain

says Tapio Fingerroos.

Adaptable technology for adaptable spaces

To successfully create truly flexible spaces, it is vital to have technological solutions which support and enable this.  The traditional fixed solutions, that are still widely used in schools, are very rarely compatible with the flexible needs of today. This is where Artome M10 steps in. It is a fully movable piece of smart furniture with a built-in laser projector, an embedded sound system and has videoconferencing capabilities. The Artome M10 transforms any space for presentations and learning. The only things that are needed are electricity and a light-coloured wall or a screen as a projection surface. It is movable and installation free. Which means that there is no need for additional embedded cabling and wiring in the structures, which have a negative effect on both the carbon footprint as well as the costs associated with them over the entire life cycle of the building

The Artome M10 transforms traditional classroom to meet the evolving needs and requirements of today and tomorrow. Its fully adaptable image size makes it easy to use in any room or space and is a big contributing factor in its vastly superior utilization efficiency. The Artome M10 facilitates interactive learning not only on location but remotely as well by having advanced videoconferencing features and an integrated camera and microphones.

Think future

SAMK has already discovered the benefits of using Artome M10 and it has truly convinced everyone in the campus. The general policy with devices used in SAMK is BYOD aka Bring Your Own Device, so it requires a bit of extra from the technology as it must be compatible with different operating systems without the need of additional installations of drivers or software. Artome M10 is also a perfect match for this.

Our staff has actually asked, if there could be even more of these Artome M10s around, says Timo Rinne.
Here in SAMK we are aiming in having the best tools and solutions to support our ability to produce customizable competence to meet the modern and versatile needs of working. Our mission in SAMK is -as our slogan says- Think future