Hermia Business Park

Since its refurbishment in March, the Carambola conference room in Tampere’s Hermia Business Park

has bathed in bright spring sunlight every day. The seventy-square metre conference room was completely revamped during the winter, but at first the audiovisual technology necessary for a modern conference room threatened to clash with the room’s interior design: its gorgeous decorative wallpaper was in danger of being covered with a large screen.

But then Property Manager Jussi Loppinen heard of Artome through the grapevine and learned that Artome might have a perfect solution to their problem. After that, the ball got rolling quickly: only a few weeks from their first phone call, Artome showed its Movea equipment to Loppinen, who immediately signed up to buy it.

The conference room was originally supposed to have a traditional video projector, but Movea’s movability and efficiency tipped the scales in favour of a more modern solution – and of course, there was the matter of that gorgeous wallpaper to consider. According to Loppinen, Movea was extremely simple to use from the start: “Movea is a very compact package, and it’s really easy to use. You can connect Movea to your device with an HDMI cable, a wireless connection or even using the ClickShare app on your phone. The size and quality of image Movea equipment projected are impressive, and as long as the room has a light-coloured wall for projecting, we’ve found that we don’t really need a traditional screen at all. With so many different people using the Carambola room, I would certainly have heard before now if something hadn’t worked.

Loppinen recommends Movea to anyone who needs high-quality presentation technology in a movable form. Movea is also a great choice for anyone wanting to support Finnish expertise and innovation. Loppinen commends Artome for effortless collaboration and for always keeping their word. After such a strong start, it’s easy to continue working together on new projects.