Spotti Heinola

Working by the Finnish lakeside

Imagine being able to use a working space located nearby to your summer cottage and equipped with latest technology free of charge. That is not just a fantasy. In Heinola Finland, it is reality.

Enabling high-tech solutions

Heinola is a small city located in the southern Finland surrounded by beautiful lakes and woods. Heinola area is very popular during holiday season since there are lots of different free-time activities to do and hundreds of summer cottages. Especially in summertime most Finns like to spend as much time as possible on the countryside and to work remotely. Summer cottages and sailboats do not necessarily have the best technology solutions to support that, but luckily in Heinola there is a perfect solution.

Spotti is a shared workplace located near the harbor of the city of Heinola. It offers high-quality co-working spaces for everyone to use with free wi-fi. It does not matter if you are a resident of the city or just visiting: Spotti welcomes you warmly to work with latest technology solutions. Here one can find Artome M10 in action too.

Working with tech made easy

Artome M10 is a smart furniture that comes with a built-in laser projector and sound system. It is a perfect choice to use in co-working spaces because it can be moved to different spaces and it has a fully adaptable image size. It is also possible to enlarge the sound system with microphones. Spotti organizes small events and casual after work meetings for visitors too, so Artome M10 comes in handy in events of all sizes. For individual workers Artome M10 is also easy-to use since it can be connected to a device with a HDMI-cable or wirelessly. It enables a user-friendly experience with basic control panel, so it is available for all visitors of Spotti to use -no need to be an expert with tech solutions.

Just plug in your laptop and you are good to go and afterwards, enjoy the life by the lakeside.