Artome Warranty Terms

Warranty Coverage 

Artome warrants that the All-in-One Audiovisual Solution (”the Product”) manufactured by Artome is free from defects in materials and workmanship for a standard period of two (2) years from the date of purchase from an Artome reseller or directly from Artome. The warranty can be extended up to a maximum of five (5) years through the Artome Extended Warranty program, but the total warranty period cannot exceed six (6) years from the date of manufacture by Artome. 

Warranty Exclusions 

This warranty specifically excludes the Epson projector component of the Product. The projector is covered by Epson’s separate warranty. Any issues related to the projector should be addressed directly with Epson, as per the warranty documentation provided with the Epson projector. 

Conditions for Warranty Claim 

  1. Warranty service eligibility requires purchase of the Product from an authorized Artome dealer. 
  2. The warranty is valid only for the original purchaser and is non-transferable.  
  3. The warranty does not cover damage due to misuse, accidents, modifications, unauthorized repairs, or other actions unrelated to defects in materials and workmanship. 

Warranty Service 

  1. For warranty claims, the end-customer should contact the reseller from whom the Product was purchased. The reseller will facilitate the warranty process with Artome. 
  2. Artome will repair or replace the defective Product or components at its discretion. 

Extended Warranty Coverage and Limitations 

  1. Education Customers: For end-users classified as education customers, the warranty can be extended for free, up to a maximum of five (5) years. (Appendix 1.0.) 
  2. Other Sales: For other sales, customers can extend the warranty beyond the standard two (2) years, up to three (3) additional years with Extended Warranty program (Appendix II) 
  3. The Extended Warranty applies only to products where the projector installation has been completed by using Artome Installer ( or installed by Artome. 

Definition of Education Customers 

”Education Customers” includes educational institutions and organizations primarily engaged in academic instruction, such as kindergartens, K-12 schools, high schools, and universities, as well as other similar educational organizations recognized by educational authorities or government bodies. These entities must be formally accredited or licensed for educational purposes. 

Limitations and Disclaimers 

Artome is not liable for indirect, consequential, or incidental damages arising from the use or inability to use the Product. 

This warranty is the exclusive remedy for Product defects and supersedes all other warranties, expressed or implied.

Governing Law 

This warranty is governed by Finnish law, excluding its choice of law provisions and the U.N. Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods. 

Modification of Terms 

Artome reserves the right to modify these terms without prior notice, effective for products purchased post-modification. 

Contact Information 

For warranty inquiries or assistance, please contact the reseller from whom the Product was purchased. 


  1. Free Education Sales Extended Warranty:

    Artome covers shipping costs to the in-country first level of support for Education Customers with the complimentary extended warranty. The in-country support will diagnose the device and collaborate with Artome to determine the appropriate action. Replacement unit shipping costs are the end-customer’s responsibility. 

  2. Extended Warranty:

    Customers are offered the option to purchase an extended warranty for a fee of 750€. This Extended Warranty prolongs the coverage period of the standard two-year warranty to a total of five (5) years from the date of purchase, whether bought from an Artome reseller or directly from Artome.

    The Extended Warranty also includes: 

    1. In-country support services for diagnostic assessments of the device, conducted in collaboration with Artome to determine the required repair or maintenance actions.

    2. Coverage of shipping costs for sending the product to Artome for repair, on the condition that the diagnosis is performed by Artome. It is important to note that packaging costs associated with shipping are not covered under this warranty.