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Artome Smart Furniture

  • Scandinavian design, made in Finland
  • use all your devices as you have used to, but Artome amps up the sound
  • wireless, power cable only
  • easy to clean, compared to a regular sound system

The Hidden Experience

The Hidden Experience - model of thinking enhances the sound of your home without bulky speakers, external devices or unsighty wires.

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Artome products are applicable with all the modern smart devices, such as Smart TVs, phones and tablets. The linkage between other devices allows you to enjoy audio and video streaming discreetly without the annoying wires.

The Smart Furniture can, of course, also be used more traditionally with older TVs, as some people may simply be looking for highly reproduced sound of TV.


Since Artome products are completely switch and remote control-free, using the Smart Furniture is extremely easy. In fact, using Artome Smart Furniture requires no learning at all – you will just use the TV or any portable device as you normally would.


Artome product design is highly driven by strive toward the cleanest and authentic sound possible. We at Artome aim at bringing the listener as close to the original concert and movie theater experience as feasible.

The roots of the Artome Smart Furniture manufacturer Artome Oy reside in the soil of the Finnish company Murea Oy, whose speakers are used by many organizations and institutions (e.g. the Finnish Parliament House).