The Pajasali Hall Suomenlinna

How do you integrate a fully functional audiovisual system to a space where installation is not possible?

Suomenlinna is a UNESCO World Heritage site in an island, located in Helsinki. The site is visited by approximately one million visitors yearly and the location provides surroundings for various kinds of events too. The Pajasali hall is one of the conference facilities located in Suomenlinna. Although visitors and other users of the premises appreciate the historical surroundings, they do require modern technology to support the events and meeting they are organizing. But how do these two meet?

Artome M10 in Suomenlinna.

Made to fit to the unique atmosphere

The initial setup for the project was not the simplest, but it sure was the most fascinating challenge to accept. The building, where the Pajasali Hall is located, was constructed in 1786. Over the years, the space has been used for various operations and it has served for example as a smithy, bakery, barrel and window workshop. When dealing with sites, the requirements of construction are strict as well as the possibilities are limited. That’s why the integrated devices are usually not even an option. What is more, the site is accessible only by water, so the technology must be simple to move and easy to support.

The primary goal was to update our audiovisual system, as the existing solution became outdated. We were pleased to discover that the Artome M10 solution didn’t only fit to the unique atmosphere of the Pajasali Hall, but it also made it possible to get rid of the additional cables and wires

The Pajasali Hall Suomenlinna.

Preserving the Finnish heritage

The Pajasali hall has managed to maintain an authentic appearance, despite all the renovations of the building. It was clear, that the devices selected had to honour the unique style of the space as well. With Artome M10 this was easy. The frame of the smart furniture is made of birch plywood with a selection of surface finishes to adapt different spaces. The options are laminated white and lacquered, or black stained ash. In the latest two mentioned, the texture of the wooden surface is shown to reflect the essence of Finnish woods. The final touch to soften the look of the furniture is the upholstered door that can be customised with a chosen colour by the customer. To the Pajasali Hall the choice was black stained ash frame with soft grey fabric draped door.

The Pajasali Hall is suitable for versatile uses, and we want to offer our visitors and users adaptable and easy-to-use solutions for presenting and more. We are also pleased that Artome M10 is made and designed in Finland

All-in-one audiovisual solution Artome M10 in use in the Pajasali Hall Suomenlinna.