Transforming Spaces for Hybrid Collaboration

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up to 150 inches with integrated Epson ultra-short throw laser projector


all-in-one smart furniture with embedded sound system -no installation needed


transforms spaces for presentation, videoconferencing and hybrid meetings

Installation free

eliminates the need for installation -saves time and money starting from the construction

See the big picture

The larger the image, the clearer the information. No matter the size of the audience, Artome M10 adapts to any use with scalable image size up to 150 inches. Only a light colored wall or a screen is needed as a reflection surface.

Bigger sound for bigger audience

Don't worry about the technology. With Artome M10 the image and sound always work seamlessly together and everything can be easily controlled from your own device so it's always ready for effortless presenting and videoconferencing.

Disable the hassle

Say bye bye to the wire chaos. Artome M10 enables plug&play video conferencing set-up with casting from a laptop or other device. It is installation free and compatible with any device or software. Thanks to our own technology innovation HybriDock™, that enables the use of (integrated) camera and microphones.

Flexible technology

Say no to installation. Artome M10 reduces the total cost of construction as it eliminates the need for electrical planning and cabling. For additional devices Artome M10 offers a 19 inch rack space for flexible audiovisual technology.

Nordic design

Artome M10 combines Nordic design and technology in a way you’ve never seen before as it blends perfectly to different locations. The frame has a selection of three surface finishes and the upholstered door comes in various colors. Artome M10 is a perfect solution for open offices, schools and universities, heritage sites, pop-up events and much more. Artome M10 honors the unique spaces especially in buildings where installation is not possible.

Frame options

Fabric colors

Redesigning audiovisual

The ideology of an installation-free and adaptable presentation technology has been, and still is, the foundation of Artome. The goal of the company is to plan and build audiovisual technology in a sustainable way and bring flexibility and easiness to the users without forgetting the aesthetic side. Watch the video below where Artome’s own designer Joel Hautala tells how the function meets the form in Artome M10.

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