Our Ideology

Positive impacts in construction

Our goal is to bring new kind of flexibility to the presenting technology industry. We say no to traditional electrical planning and cabling by creating solutions that are installation free. Our factory-made smart furniture saves both time and money in construction as it minimizes the need for electrical planning and cabling. In addition, the products are easy to use and simple to move from space to another.

We want to share our ideology and enable other industries to benefit from it as well. When using fixed solutions with devices installed directly to the structures of the room, the technology defines the use of the specific space. When planning the interiors or even entire buildings, these fixed solutions narrow down the possibilities for creativity. Artome wants to enable new ways and to inspire not only audiovisual industry, but all related industries as well: architects, construction planners, interior designers, everybody!

Enabling imagination

Our goal is to inspire

Artome M10 provides an integrated camera and connections to the microphones, so a genuinely interactive conversational experience can be provided to the people present in the room and remotely. Movable Artome M10 adapts from a videoconference call to a presentation in the lounge area to an after work karaoke party, maximizing the utilization rate of the technology.

Our goal is to inspire others to challenge the traditional audiovisual solutions. The ideology of Artome enable new possibilities for example to architects and interior designers to create flexible spaces, when the challenges of fixed solutions can be easily eliminated in the planning.