Verona International

Artome M10 in use in Verona International.

Customized style for unique space

In the heart of the City of Helsinki, alongside of the rhythm of the tramcars driving by, lies the office of Verona International. It’s a company that aims to support its clients in growth and renewal by engaging methods and analytical business consultation. When talking about renewals, there has been some going on at the premises of Verona as well, as the main office was recently renovated to meet the new needs of hybrid working. However, the requirements were not limited only to meet the tech side, but they also wanted an aesthetic solution to fit to the new look of the office. This is why they chose Artome M10.
Verona is an enterprise of more than 90 experts in Europe, and its focus is to help the international clients to successfully plan, preserve, risk manage and grow their wealth across multiple jurisdictions and generations. Besides the office located in Helsinki, there is also one in Luxemburg, so it was an important feature for the chosen technology to support remote meetings too.

When planning the renovation, we decided to invest in design-wise and easy-to-use solutions. With Artome M10 it is effortless to execute remote meetings with our clients all around the world and it fits to our office interior design so nicely too

From the three frame options of Artome M10, the choice of Verona was black stained ash and the grey colour was chosen to the upholstered door to soften the look of the furniture. All the dark-coloured wooden surfaces in the meeting room, give a sophisticated overall look to the space. Still, the daylight gets to the room through big windows to smooth the appearance.

Meets the needs without additional installations

Artome M10 is Nordic designed smart furniture that has an integrated laser projector, embedded sound system and videoconferencing feature. Artome M10 meets the requirements of different operating systems (Windows, MacOS, ChromeOS, Linux) without needing any additional installation of drivers or software. Same goes with different remote meeting platforms. Whether you are using Teams, Zoom, Google Meet or other, Artome M10 enables an easy-to-use video conferencing set-up with casting from a laptop or other device. And if there should occur any problems, one can always reach out for a single point of contact support.

Artome Support has served us well. The solution itself has been working quite nicely, but we still had some questions about being able to choose the right options from the Teams meeting menu for the microphones we are using. Artome support provided us the answer, so we got the issue fixed easily

Artome M10 in use in Verona International.