Story of Artome

"How to free audiovisual technology from installation?”

This was the question that led to the essential thought to revolutionize the presentation technology. It was time to say no to cabling and fixed solutions. It was time to start supporting adaptable spaces and make technology easy to build, easy to use and easy to trust. It was time for Artome to be born.

The era of non-flexible and hard-wired audiovisual technology in spaces is over. We aim to provide smart and style to all spaces, where audiovisual technology is needed.

Reinventing smart furniture

Artome Ltd. was founded in 2016 but the idea of Artome smart furniture started already in 2013, when the founder of Artome, Toni Parikka received an interesting commission. The client wanted an integrated and discreet audio system in his existing piece of furniture. The task was considered to be impossible without sacrificing sound quality – a totally new approach on design that pays attention to acoustics was required.

The challenge was accepted, and the clients vision became reality in the form of a furniture speaker. Meanwhile the screen sizes of TVs grew larger while their depth grew thinner, which also reduced their sound quality. Parikka invented how a TV can be transformed into a high-quality audiovisual experience with a piece of design furniture. Artome Cinema – the first smart furniture was born.

No more installations

Parikka was also familiar with working with companies and government instances after having well over 100 audiovisual projects with them. An idea to make installation free technology for B2B too, had the first boost while Parikka was working with a large school project. The project had already lasted for months, and the constant change of plans had slowed down the project dramatically. While installing an ultra-short throw projector on a wall, he wondered why couldn’t these projectors be pre-installed in furniture. All the cabling and installation would take place in the factory instead the project work site and connecting the power cord would be the only needed step after delivering the furniture to the room.

In 2014 Toni introduced the first concept model of a smart furniture with a big screen and audio playback. After several versions and with the boost from the evolution of technology, at May 2018 was finally time to say goodbye to installation. Artome Movea, the first movable presentation solution for business was born.

About Artome

The ideology of an installation-free and adaptable presentation technology has been, and still is, the foundation of the company. Today Artome offers portable plug-and-play smart furniture for presenting, learning, and much more. The goal of Artome is to plan and build audio-visual technology in a sustainable way and to make products that bring flexibility and easiness to the users without forgetting the aesthetic side.