Inspire Active Learning

Creating flexible learning spaces

Artome S1 is every teacher’s ideal sidekick in transforming classes to active learning experiences. It´s image and sound are easily manageable with your own device. Bring the big picture and big sound exactly where you need it. RRP 4595€ includes Epson EB-770F projector (VAT 0%).

Communication cart with laser projector and impressive sound system

Transforms any space for learning, presentations and experiences

Eliminates the need for installation -saves time and money starting from the construction

Artome in classroom

Research shows, that 58% of students cannot read all content on a 70-inch flat panel*

Artome in classroom

Create immersive learning experience with the help of audiovisual technology

Unlock the potential of spaces

Flexible technology enables dynamic learning environments

Artome S1 - Easiness of use

Product is designed to be as simple to use as possible, no drivers or installation – just plug-n-play

Too often, new technology can take hours to master with its complex features and user interfaces. Have a laptop or mobile device and simply connect to the Artome S1 with Apple TV, Google Chrome, or AirServer. With AirServer, you can skip the learning curve and share content simultaneously on up to eight different devices on a 120-inch screen.

Pop-up Events

Picture and sound for pop-up events effortlessly without Installation

Thanks to Artome S1's big image size, powerful integrated sound system and and two microphone connections, you can organize pop-up events anytime and anywhere. Student presentations, parent evenings, or even karaoke moments are effortlessly conducted with the help of Artome S1.

Schools that use technology resources effectively and routinely choose our products to support their teaching and learning needs.

RRP 4595€

RRP includes Epson EB-770F projector, shipping excluded (VAT 0%).

For the tech people

Birch plywood, MDF, steel, aluminum, fabric (PES) 
(W x H x D) 52 x 81 x 48,5 cm / 20,47” x 31,88” x 19,09” 
Warranty ( exl. projector ) 
24 months 

Supply Voltage 
100-240V~ 50/60Hz 
2.1. -sound system 
Operating temperature 
0-30°C / 32-86°F 
19” rack 
U x 280 mm / 11” (depth) 
Power, Source, Vol +/-, Pause, Freeze, Mic gain 
HDMI 1, HDMI 2, Mic in x2, Power outlet (100-240V~ 50/60Hz) 
Connections for integrators 
HDMI 3 (M2M), RS-232, 3.5 mm audio jack, LAN 

Compatible projectors 
Epson: EB-770F / 775F / 760W 
4100 lm 
Aspect ratio 
Recommended image size 
60 Months

* Leading 70-inch class 4k resolution flat panel in a 22′ (width) by 27′ (depth) classroom-style arrangement. When asked to copy down six short items of information from slides being displayed, 58% of students ages 12-22 copied at least one item incorrectly. Based on US research conducted by Radius Research. More info.

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Schools that use technology resources effectively and routinely choose our products to support their teaching and learning needs.