Unlock the potential of spaces

In a big picture, it's the size that counts

Teachers best friends in making memorable learning experiences are the teaching materials that are being used in the classroom. Flexible and easy- to-use audiovisual technology can transform the classroom into immersive learning experiences that will set your imagination free. And with the big picture that can be seen all the way from the back of the classroom, every seat is the best seat.

Research shows, that 58% of students cannot read all content on a 70-inch flat panel 

Leading 70-inch class 4k resolution flat panel in a 22′ (width) by 27′ (depth) classroom-style arrangement. When asked to copy down six short items of information from slides being displayed, 58% of students ages 12-22 copied at least one item incorrectly. This is based on U.S. research conducted by Radius Research. 
Read more about the study on the website of our partner Epson here.

Maximizing Learning with the 4/6/8 Rule  

In audio visual (AV) installations, the common standard used for determining screen size known as the 4/6/8 rule. 

This rule establishes that ideal viewing distance, in correlation with room size, should be four, six or eight times the height of the screen for analytical viewing, basic viewing and passive viewing. The maximum for Passive Viewing (for example videos, pictures) area is 8X vertical display height, Basic Viewing Area (for example reading) maximum 6X vertical display height and Analytical Viewing Area (for example excel sheets) with maximum of 4X vertical display height.

The larger the image, the clearer the information for everyone in the room

By providing clear sound along with the big image that can be seen even from the backrow, the tech will overcome challenges and give the teacher the ability to share videos, charts, and even a joint canvas.
Artome adapts easily to to your daily use in the classroom, whether you are looking for the best new alternative as your primary classroom solution or need a reliable secondary system that can save the day and be set-up in 1-minute anywhere the Artome S1 is your perfect AV solution.