Discover the ease

The easiest solution

Artome M10 is our latest designed smart furniture that has an integrated laser projector, embedded sound system and videoconferencing feature. Artome M10 is the perfect solution for any space due to it’s movability and fully adaptable image size. This all-in-one furniture solution can be connected by any device with a HDMI-cable or wirelessly. With the basic control panel, Artome M10 enables a user-friendly experience.

Transforms any space for presentation or learning

When using Artome M10, only a light-coloured wall or a screen is needed as a reflection surface. The image size grows up to five meters wide by simply moving the smart furniture further away from the wall.

The sound system is suitable for larger events and if needed the experience can be enlarged with external speakers. Artome M10 also allows the possibility to enlarge the sound system with microphones.