Artome M10 eri kanteilta

What is a communication cart?

I bet you have heard about the AV cart or a media cart -a device that moves from place to place and offers the ability to use image and sound anywhere you want. The communication cart is all that, but it comes with a plus – you can communicate between different devices and groups more easily by using audiovisual technology for presentations, videoconferencing and much more.

Most media carts and AV carts usually lack the possibility to adapt the image size to for the needs of a larger audience. That’s because they are mostly equipped with a standard size screen. Artome communication cart has an ultra-short throw laser projector, that enables increasing the image size up to 150 inches. In addition, by using the ultra-short throw technology projector doesn’t need to be even that far from the wall for maximum image size. For example, to hit the 150 inches the communication cart needs to be placed only 60cm away from the wall.  

And the best part? The image and sound always work seamlessly together, and everything can be easily controlled from your own device so it's always ready for effortless presenting and videoconferencing. So you get the same kind of mobility as you would have with media cart or AV cart, but with more flexible technology and easy-to-use features.  

Here's how easy it is to use Artome communication cart:

1. Roll in the cart (it has wheels) and power it up.  

2. Connect your own device with the cart using HDMI-cable (now you can control all the tech inside the cart with your own computer)  

3. Call a Teams meeting on. With the help of conference microphones, you can have everyone in the room participating the discussion. Or enhance the experience with your USB-camera. It’s all made plug-and-play ready with the Artome communication cart.  

Are you ready to find the easiness of the communication cart?

The audiovisual technology or Artome enables the seamless communication and minimizes the need of cabling. Click here, to find out more on Artome M10 communication cart