See the big picture

Adaptable solution

Artome brings new kind of adaptability to the presentation technology industry. It ensures flexible and easy-to-use technology for flexible spaces. Artome M10 enables adaptable image size for meetings, presentation and learning. Only a light-coloured wall or a screen is needed as a reflection surface and the set is ready.

No matter the size of the audience, Artome M10 is suitable for clear communication for everyone in the room. The image size grows up by moving the Artome M10 just a bit further away from the wall. The Epson short-throw laser projector used in the smart furniture has an ability to project from close to the display area, so the projector doesn’t need to be even that far from the wall for maximum image size (up to 150 inches)

Research shows, that 58% of students cannot read all content on a 70-inch flat panel

The larger the image, the clearer the information for everyone in the room. Research shows, that 58% of students cannot read all content on a 70-inch flat panel, which is one of the commonly used sizes for examples in classrooms. In schools there has been a clear correlation between children being unable to clearly view a screen and lower exam scores.

When considering the optimal sized display, there is a common standard called the 4/6/8 rule** The rule is based on the correlation between the room size and the hight of the screen. For instance, in analytical viewing the image size from corner to corner should be 120 inches if the viewing distance is 6 meters and as the viewing distance grows so does the screen size.