Picture about Artome's CEO Riku Marttinen.

Heading to the international arenas

Rainy September night in 2006, bright lights of the Helsinki Olympic Stadium, the final event between two national teams as 1,500 m run takes place with over 30 000 pairs of eyes watching on the spot and over 1 million people by the TV. After thousands of hours of professional training the moment had finally come to see, which team would win the nationals. 

We did win our beloved Scandinavian neighbour Sweden that night and led team Finland to win the race by 14-8. After finishing my career as a professional athlete, I was sure, that I would never experience a rush of excitement like that in any other situation. 

For the last five years, Artome has been trained and prepared to make a success in the international arenas. As our latest product, Artome M10 smart furniture was launched in February 2021, it was finally the “on your marks-get set-GO” -time. The worldwide situation with Covid actually gave us an advance, since our product supported hybrid working, and we could display our smart furniture in action as we presented demos remotely. With this, we were able to introduce Artome M10 to 11 countries from our headquarter in Finland in one single day. This really gave a rush of excitement to the whole team and besides that -everyone fell in love with our product.

Future technologies and the efficiency of hybrid working model still remains as a mystery. The only thing that is sure is that the way of working and living has changed and will never be the same. Installation free and more flexible solutions are needed to support the new norms of today and tomorrow. That’s what we are here for.
I am pleased to discover that the excitement is s till there, as it was back at the starting line in the Olympic Stadium on that rainy night. And as Artome team, we keep on going and reminding ourselves to always push forward and not to take anything for granted. 

There is a lot of same in pregnancy and success. Everyone congratulates you, but no one knows how many times you are fucked before that.