Redesigning audio visual

When smart furniture is being made completely by the terms of a technical device, the functionality is without a doubt the essential factor in designing. But is there still room for creativity?

The journey from an idea to a fully functional smart furniture starts with defining the need. What is the target use for the furniture and what kind of technology does it need to function? When the right solutions and devices are being selected, it is time to bring them together in a proper way. As the different technical components are being carefully combined, they form the guidelines to the use of the actual end product.
Artome M10 started its journey as a successor to Artome’s first iteration of a presentation solution built in a factory-made movable product, Artome Movea. The idea to the new product came as a result of a transition to the latest laser projector technology the industry has to offer. This gave a perfect opportunity for the designers to create something completely new, even something ahead of its time.

Behind the design of Artome M10 there are two talented and innovative designers: architect Sini Koivisto and Artome’s own designer Joel Hautala. He is the man behind the seamlessly compatible functions and components of Artome M10.

Artome M10 designers Joel Hautala ja Sini Koivisto.

The Artome M10 is designed to fit perfectly like a glass shoe to the new laser projector. This has made it possible for us to decrease the size of the end product by 30 precent compared to the former Artome smart furniture.

Joel made his way to Artome when he was finishing his studies to become a designer in 2017. The meeting with the founder of Artome Toni Parikka was a little peculiar, as these two guys from neighbouring cities in Finland had to go all the way to the furniture fair in Köln, Germany to find each other. After getting back to Finland, they agreed on an assignment for Joel to do his thesis work for Artome. Joel finished the studies and at the same time, a new smart furniture called Artome Movea was born. The journey with Artome was only getting started for Joel, as he continued working there and designing more products.

The most exciting part in creating a new product is when you get the first parts of the prototype. That is the moment when drawings come to life and one is capable to touch and feel all the parts, as they fit together perfectly.

Made in Finland

The ideology of Artome is to re-design audio visual solutions by eliminating the cabling and making the technology installation free.

Movable smart furniture provides flexibility and adaptability to using different spaces and increases the efficiency of space utilization. Artome aims to transform any space for presentation, learning and more by revolutionizing the presentation technology with adaptable products.

Artome M10 is the next generation presentation solution that comes with a built-in laser projector and a high-end sound system. This all-in-one furniture solution can be connected to a device with a HDMI-cable or wirelessly and it enables a user-friendly experience with basic control panel. Artome M10 also enables an easy-to-use video conferencing set-up. With an integrated camera it provides a genuinely interactive experience to the people present in the room and remotely.

Artome smart furniture is designed and made in Finland. By using local manufacturers, Artome ensures that all the components are of high quality and assembled with care. What comes to the laser projector used in the smart furniture, Artome has chosen to cooperate with international partner Epson. The Epson projectors have technical qualities like no other, but the company also understands environmental impact and is constantly developing new ways to help meet environmental standards. With market-leading projector technology, combined with Nordic furniture design and Finnish technology, is how the Artome M10 is made.

Organic shapes to fit the universal needs

The round forms of Artome M10 are designed by Architect Sini Koivisto. Her signature style in interior and furniture designing, is based on sleek and streamlined shapes. Sini feels strongly for the opportunity to export Finnish design abroad and is thrilled that designers all around the world appreciate Nordic design.

It is an honor to have a role in exporting Finnish design. I have also designed the concept and look for the soundproof pods of Framery Acoustics. So, this is not the first time my designs are facing the world.

Artome M10 is made for universal needs with organic approach. The frame is made of birch plywood with a selection of surface finishes to adapt different spaces. The options are laminated white, lacquered ash and black stained ash. In the latest two mentioned, the furniture feels and looks alive because of the organic texture of the wooden surface. The final touch to soften the look of the furniture, is the upholstered door that can be customized with a chosen color by the customer.

have to admit that the classic white finishing is my favourite. Still, every one of the options have a neutral and soft appearance, so they adapt smoothly in any space.