Picture about Artome's founder Toni Parikka.

The need for the big picture

From 2004 I have had a privilege to get familiar to the effects of the digitalization of the audio-visual technology. Although, AV-technology has grown to be a significant part in our everyday lives in both schools and workplaces, the big picture of the AV still has a lot more to bring out.

Schools took a giant digileap during last year. Earlier the presentation solutions in the classrooms were complicated to install and inflexible to use. IT industry managed to commercialize the presentation solutions as connected systems, but after lockdowns and need to support interactive learning, the struggle was still real. The commercialized solutions were not enough. The AV industry is still in the need of taking the giant leap to transform these solutions into shared services too, that help us to combine the requirements of the distance teaching and classroom studying.

It is important to make sure that the message is visually clear for the ones who are present in the classroom too. Studies shows that the size of the screens has in fact decreased because of the digitalization. There is no question that the visual communication technologies – such as projectors and flat panels – are revolutionizing the teaching, but we must not forget the basics. 

Research shows that 58% of students cannot read a 70inch flat panel.

This makes studying even harder especially for those, who suffer from learning disabilities or have difficulties in concentrating. AVIXA, the International AV organization, has recommended that the size of the picture used in learning in the classrooms should be significantly increased from the current 75-86inch. 

AV technology planning and installing are commonly considered to be a part of the construction project. The ability to present the optimal size picture in spaces where AV systems are needed, should be taken into consideration already when planning the entire building. If the need for AV-planning is not being noticed early enough, it can cause unexpected costs later. 

But what if the AV solutions could be planned and manufactured separately from constructing?

We at Artome are taking the next step. Our AV-solutions are factory-made installation free products, designed in Finland with build- in laser projector and sound system. The products are fully adaptable and completely movable so they can be used in any needed space and the image size can be increased up to 150inch. Last year Artome succeeded to achieve growth despite Covid 19 and we are aiming to grow even more during the upcoming year. We are here to make AV-technology easy to buy, easy to use and easy to maintain. We are on a mission to create functional and adaptable spaces for learning, presentation and more.