Does this upcoming scenario sound familiar to you?

A whole day event of 90 people is about to start, but the presentation system is not showing any signs of life although it worked perfectly just the day before. As the customer already breathing down to your neck, you try to solve the problem by pushing all the buttons on sight and reconnecting the wires over and over again, but still the system stays dead. And the situation is not getting any easier, when you realize that the guests are starting to arrive to the conference room you are in.

If this sounds too familiar to you, I am happy to be able to tell you that this kind of scenario can be easily avoided.

I have had a pleasure to discuss recently with many representatives of a conference hotel and corporate company about the consequences of presentation system failing. This kind of situations can easily lead to a worst case scenario, where one is forced to cancel the events for the upcoming days or weeks too. This can cause a severe loss of income, while one has no choice but to wait until the presentation system is either fixed or replaced to new one. Not to mention the extra work and headache for the staff for re-bookings or reputational damage and displeased customers.

Backup device saves the (conference)day

What if you could have an easy to use and easy to deploy backup device to save you from a damage on a situation like above? And what if this kind of device would be available as a service and it would include both image and audio with microphones and a videoconferencing feature? Sounds too good to be true? Luckily it is true, because Artome offers all this inside of an easy-to-use design furniture, which is also movable and installation-free.

And don’t settle to use it only as a spare device. Artome M10 can be used for example as an info screen on the lobby, where it can easily be moved to a space where you need backup or additional screen or you just want to enable remote or hybrid meetings or events.

No more wondering where the ladders are, when something goes wrong with the projector installed up to the ceiling. And what would you even do up there? Push all the buttons in sight and reconnect the wires over and over again?

If you have been there, you already know that it probably won’t save the day. But it might save tomorrow, or the day after, if you are willing to rely on your luck.

But if you are not adventurous enough to trust in your good luck, I am happy to tell you more about why you and your company should lay your trust in Artome.

Or even better – I’ll come over and show you how you can benefit from a movable all-in-one presentation solution. Feel free to contact me -seeing and hearing is believing.