Picture from classroom where is going hybrid learning session and the teacher is using all-in-one audiovisual solution, Artome M10.

Schools going hybrid

Go hybrid or go home? Irreversible change in the whole education system during pandemic made hybrid learning the new normal. Not only does it set new requirements to the education technology to be simple and efficient to use today, but it should enable to successfully face the upcoming challenges of tomorrow. In addition, online education has brought many opportunities to arrange mass courses and enabled new ways of using the campus facilities.

Universities and schools are facing the necessity to meet the requirements of supporting better online education and enable hybrid learning. This requires adaptability from the classrooms and other spaces used for learning. But not everyone is online. The great learning experience for the students that are present, needs to be ensured as well. Therefore, schools must offer the students all kinds of spaces with flexible technology to support their success and growth for the future world in both home and hybrid.

Classroom picture where is going hybrid learning session and the teacher is utilizing flexible AV-solution Artome M10 for teaching students hybrid.

How to move from fixed to flexible

To support better hybrid learning and enabling online education more efficiently, the used technology needs to fill at least these three fundamental features:
compatible with any software or device
adaptable to meet the flexible needs

Artome brings in an all-in-one audiovisual solution that produces image and sound easily to any space and transforms a gymnasium into a venue suitable for a mass course or an event in a minute. This installation free audiovisual solution supports multiuse classroom spaces and offers various screen sizes depending on how many students there are in the classroom. And what comes to arranging an efficient and inspiring hybrid learning session easily, it is only one HDMI-cable connection away from your laptop when using Artome. No additional software or docks are needed.

But there are other benefits as well when you choose an adaptable and easy-to-use all-in-one solution.

Learn more about why Kulosaari secondary school chose Artome to support the flexible needs of the learning spaces and saved 30% in AV-costs.