The story of how the X-series was born.

A long while ago I got a call from an AV-integrator. They were being hired as installers for an AV-equipment to a school project in Southern-Finland. In these projects the main goal is that the schools get effortless and easy-to-use technology for their daily use, but the easiness hardly ever starts from the installation. This time was no exception. Someone had designed a fixed projector to the ceiling of the lobby but had forgotten that it would need 15 meters high lift to get the installation done.

So, the AV-integrator called me and asked if we would have a possibility to build a high-lumen product to meet that need. We took the challenge, but with two conditions; we were not going to plan a unique solution, but we were going to launch a new series of products and that if we were about to make it, it would include Epson projector. Other brands were not an option for us. We made a deal and so the X-series was born.

Launching the new generation of the X-series

On February 2023 we launched the second-generation product Artome X20 in ISE, which is the world’s leading AV-expo held in Barcelona. The X-series offers easily movable all-in-one AV-platform with powerful sound system, multiple projector options from the Epson catalog, interchangeable lenses and a hybrid meeting/event feature offers possibilities to raise utilization rate of av-setup.

Artome X20 meets the needs of many different use cases for its adaptability and future proof technology that can be updated. And the best thing is, you need no lift to install it.

I was in a big meeting a few weeks ago. An association where I operate had an annual meeting and there were around 400 participants. As I reached the venue, I was delighted to see that they were going to use our Artome X20. I was not aware that the building with the venue was our customer. I decided to take a seat at the back row and follow how the event leaders would manage with “the Artome product” (that’s how they called it). Everything went smoothly and after the meeting I walked to the leader and just casually asked what is that product? He didn’t know. He only mentioned that someone had brought the product from downstairs just fifteen minutes before the meeting started. This made me realize that the customer had truly been using it in multiple locations inside the same building.

I smiled and left home knowing that someone had made a good investment again and saved a lot of money.

Need for a big picture but no time for big installation project?

Contact us and we are happy to tell you how Artome X20 can help you.