April 18, 2024

Howard Technology Solutions partners with Artome

Ellisville, MS — April 18, 2024 — Howard Technology Solutions (HTS), a leading manufacturer and reseller of custom computers, servers, self-service kiosks, and mobility carts, as well as related technologies and services, is pleased to announce its partnership with Artome, a leader in planning and producing installation-free audiovisual solutions.

Howard provides a wide range of audiovisual and other professional services to a diverse set of clients, including educational institutions, medical facilities, businesses, and governmental agencies. Howard works closely with all their clients to guide them through the labyrinth of technology to solutions that best suit their needs, and partnering with other industry leaders like Artome helps make that happen.

Artome’s portable plug-and-play Smart furniture is leading the education revolution by offering flexible and easy-to-use AV products without neglecting the aesthetics. Their adaptable, all-in-one audiovisual solutions, with built-in projectors and embedded sound systems, maximize the utilization of any space, even where integrated devices are not an option.

From transforming individual classrooms into active learning environments to providing large-scale displays and easy-to-use sound systems for videoconferencing and presentations at sizeable venues, Artome’s all-in-one designs save time and money starting from construction.

”Together with Howard, we’re excited to empower educational institutions and various organizations with AV solutions that transform every space into a new opportunity,” stated Jarkko Kaislasaari, General Manager of Artome USA. ”Howard’s deep client relationships, nationwide sales force, and drive for innovative solutions will pave the way for a successful partnership and customer satisfaction. We trust this partnership will bring great things in the future, and we’re thrilled to work with Howard. It’s an exciting time for us, and we can’t wait to see what we will achieve together,” Kaislasaari added.

Howard Executive Vice President of Sales, David Perkins said, ”The quality and adaptability of Artome products were key factors in our decision to partner with them. We provide audiovisual services to multiple verticals nationwide, and Artome’s smart furniture is ideal for many applications. We believe that partnering with them will enable us to do even more for our clients.

About Artome: Artome is a leading provider of cutting-edge audiovisual solutions, committed to enhancing and redefining learning environments. Artome’s ideology centers on installation-free and adaptable presentation technology, trusted by educators and institutions worldwide. Artome offers portable plug-and-play smart furniture designed for a multitude of uses, including presenting, teaching, and learning. Artome aims to lead in modern audiovisual solutions by sustainably developing technology that emphasizes flexibility, ease of use, high quality, and visual appeal. 

About Howard Technology Solutions: Howard Technology Solutions is a division of Howard Industries, a billion-dollar, privately held company headquartered in Ellisville, Mississippi. Howard designs and manufactures custom desktops, notebooks, servers, and self-service kiosks, as well as a variety of enterprise mobility solutions that continue to secure market recognition. In addition to our own products and professional services, strategic partnerships enable Howard to offer a rich portfolio of name-brand technology products from other industry leaders. Howard’s workforce is 100% US-based, including their technical support specialists who are available 24/7. Howard has been satisfying business, education, government, and medical customers for over 20 years. Visit www.Howard.com and get tomorrow's technology—today.