Artome Hybridock™

Setting the new standards

Artome is combining all the functions with our own technological innovation, HybriDock™. With this technology we are able to meet the requirements of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) -usage with laptops and operating systems (Windows, MacOS, ChromeOS, Linux) without needing any additional installation of drivers or software.

Artome HybriDock™ offers a flexible experience for remote and live communication. While enabling optimal image size and sound locally to improve interaction with remote attendees.

HybriDock™ is designed to operate with any USB camera as well as any USB2.0 or USB3.0. This means connecting with your laptop or any other devices has never been simpler. Usually, camera recording is limited to using shorter connecting cables, however with HybriDock™, cables over 1,8 m are supported. HybriDock™ powers the camera via USB, so there is no power transmission loss in cabling.
To ensure the usage of a specific USB device, please contact us.

Increasing the capabilities for video

Flexible audio

With HybriDock™ you can connect any USB microphone or – speakerphone to your laptop. This is the best option when organizing small meetings. If you need to communicate with several people both remotely and live, it is possible to use maximum 2 microphones. With Artome HybriDock™ technology the sound of these microphones is transferred to your laptop and further to the video conference meeting.

With wireless microphones it is even possible for the person who is speaking to move during the presentation, and he is still being heard by the remote audience.