Helsinki Education Hub

Artome M10 in use in Helsinki Education Hub.

Learning without borders

If you had your teacher and classmates on the other side of the world, would you consider an efficient learning experience a mission impossible? We don’t and neither does the curious and innovative people of Helsinki Education Hub. With the help of technology and open-minded students and teachers learning and interactive communication is possible, even from Helsinki to Beijing.

How much do we use Artome M10? All the time! It is so simple to use with remote or on-location meetings. We had a pop-up school here related to Beijing Design Week in September 2021 and the teachers of course came a bit early to see, how the technology works and does it need any additional downloads or software to support presenting. They were surprised on how easy it was -just plug a HDMI-wire to the laptop and you are good to go

Installation free audiovisual solution, Artome M10, in Helsinki Education Hub

The easiness was experienced by 8th graders of a primary school in Helsinki too as they were able to meet and greet their partner school students in Beijing. Artome M10 enabled them a flexible experience for remote and live communication with an integrated camera and wireless microphone. The tomorrow of agile communication is already here.

In the last decade there has also been a huge change on how we receive and share information. Thanks to the increasing amount of mobile devices, we are on the verge of knowledge all the time. Schools are expected to be places, that not only provide information, but rather innovate and generate new data and practises, which should be able to share globally. That’s why new technology innovations are needed.

We also have a touch screen at our premises and we have discovered that we can use it together with Artome M10 as an additional screen and when we are in remote meeting, we can share the content from the touch screen too. Artome M10 is really enabling imagination- and for that, there are no borders.