Picture about Artome's CEO Riku and staff

What's another year?

Time passes quickly, and it feels like the only way it can be noticed is to watch how children grow. Our family welcomed the fourth child six months ago and though it feels like yesterday, the visible truth is that he is about to get on his feet and stand soon. Time really flies!

At Artome we are celebrating the 1st birthday of Artome M10, since it was launched in March 2021. A whole year has passed (really fast) and it feels like it was only few moments ago when we were toasting to the outcome of our product development with feelings of excitement towards to the upcoming launch.

When I look back, I can see that we have really got a lot of things done. Over the past year Artome has started sales in twenty new countries in four different continents with contract value over 30 million euros. We have also doubled the number of our staff and raised the biggest funding in the history of the company as well as manged to implement the first “Artome school” -projects, where all presentation solutions are made by Artome.

The most significant thing is, that we have managed to succeed in all of this in a year, when the supply chain crisis across the globe is making headlines and the acute shortage of microchips and raw materials are causing delays. The year hasn’t surely been the easiest for scaling the business up, but we are proud that we have managed in keeping to our promised delivery times.

While being really proud of our whole team, I want to wish happy birthday to our beloved Artome M10! The first year with you was very interesting and I am sure that the next one will be even more fascinating.