Close up picture about the audiovisual solution Artome M10

Ease the Sales

Sales and ease usually do not fit to the same sentence. Although doing sales can be hard work, it is always easier to convince your clients, if you are fully and truly believing in what you are selling. I am proud to be able to say that working in Artome Sales team I have had a chance to experience this.

Our latest smart furniture Artome M10 was launched in March 2021.The journey of the new product has had a great start and we are thrilled to be able to continue worldwide. It has been great to hear and see the warm welcome of Artome M10 and we are happy to have had some new retailers and partners too.

The new product is not only easy-to-use, but easy to move as well. I have personally experienced that while meeting customer in person (with my mask on, of course) and carrying the actual Artome M10 smart furniture into customers office and back. To tell you the truth: it was not heavy at all. It is also placed on skates and is effortless to move to spaces where it is needed.


Artome M10 is easy to sell for the same reasons it is easy to buy.

It is a true all-in-one factory-made solution since there is no need for cabling and installing. The benefits of the product can be demonstrated with ease because it is simply easy-to-use and no technical expertise is needed. Just bring Artome M10 to the room, plug it in and hit the Power -button. Sound and image are always synchronized and when using the videoconferencing feature, there is no need to ensure that all the connections and programs are up and running – it is automatically ready to use.

No matter the size of the sales, it is always important to give your best to every presentation and meeting with clients. Doing sales is almost like ice-fishing, you never know the size of the catch beforehand, but you still do have to drill the hole to the ice to be able to succeed.

As a salesman from Finland, I am very pleased with the Finnish design and technology used in Artome M10 smart furniture as well. We have a strong technological innovation heritage and a top-quality education here in Finland. Our general knowledge of the educational technology and capability to create adaptable spaces for learning are recognized abroad too. That is something to be proud as well.

Let’s finish, or should we say, Finnish your spaces for work and learning too with our smart furniture solutions.

I am happy to tell you more, so feel free to contact us and book a demo.