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Innovative and inspiring solutions for tomorrow's workplace

Arriving winter brings a promise of hopeful future, despite the fact how the global events have changed the way we perceive the world of today. Global pandemic has touched the industries all over the world. It has forced companies to find new ways to innovate products to markets during restrictions while coping with remote working. 

Getting life back on track after pandemic is soothing. Unfortunately, we were hit by another crisis. Along with the spring, the world was put on its feet once again. This time with news of Russian invasion of Ukraine. In times like these, when thoughts and actions are dominated by uncertainty, we have been compelled to create new ways to run the everyday life. How have we succeeded in that? 

Great and not so great, when looking at statistics. Living, working and COVID-19 e-survey by Eurofound research show, that working remotely has had a positive effect to work wellbeing, by employees having better balance between work and free time. On the flip side of the coin, remote working shows increasing levels of burnouts, since it has been hard to draw a line between work and leisure at home.Lack of interaction with colleagues has also increased loneliness. So, how do we work in the future?   

New articles of tomorrow’s workplaces pop out from every reachable channel. Webinars are full of research material and speculations of the topic. It is good news, since this topic has to be discussed. But the future will remain uncertain, and we can only speculate, how and where we will work in the future.  

What is certain is, that workplaces and working culture have already changed.

Working remotely has kept its popularity, but there are also social butterflies like me, who have galloped to the office the minute the doors were opened. But workplaces are not only places for social encounters. Tomorrow’s work places have to invest into functional solutions in flexible and inspirational environments, to serve the needs and wants of the employee, who in the future most likely, will keep hybridworking. 

Are you still wondering how to make the return to the office more easier?

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