Picture of Artome's own designer Joel Hautala who sits on the chair and smiles to the camera.

Enabling designers to become AV-professionals

As a designer of Artome I have had a pleasure to hear some positive feedback of the appearance of our product. Although it is always great to receive compliments, I can’t help to wonder if the one giving the compliment has also acknowledged the inner beauty of Artome as well.

The true beauty of our product is how it enables architects and interior designers to use imagination in the layout planning when the audiovisual technology is not fixed to the structures of the space.

Our product is installation free and movable audiovisual smart furniture, that only requires a plain surface for projecting image and a power plug. When talking about flexible spaces, there might be multiple options for reflection surface. No need for fixed installation or special expertise on how to build and plan audiovisual technology solution. Artome enables an architect or an interior designer to act as an AV-planner.

Thanks to the adaptability of our products, they can meet the needs of many spaces and increase the utilization rate, when one product can be used in multiple spaces. For example, the same Artome smart furniture that is being used in the classroom, can be moved to the lobby or cafeteria where it can serve as an info screen now and then. No need to purchase a separate solution, that is on random use only.

Seeing is believing

Our products are able to reveal their inner (and outer) beauty best by experiencing them live. That’s why we are happy to pay you a visit with our demo product or even deliver our product for you for a short test period. In addition, we have CAD-models available on our Professionals website to support you in planning.