Are you already tired of all the fuss about ChatGPT and open AI? I’m sorry to break it to you, but this is only the beginning. Data-based value creation with the help of different kind of algorithms is here to stay and if you don’t like the tune of it, you will eventually drop off the pace. How about the good news then? In creating AI that is diverse and efficient enough, people are still needed and that includes you too. But why? What can You offer? Let me tell you more.

Artificial what?

AI aka artificial intelligence involves using different kind of programs and systems that simulates a human intelligence process but can process a massive amount of data. The process is based on algorithms, which are basically instructions on how to handle the data to get preferred outcome (such as solving a problem). One great example of AI working already for the humans is predictive diagnostics in healthcare. In this field of expertise, the job of the AI is to find and identify different risk factors from a huge amount of patient data and based on all these detected factors it can predict a probability of disease. How cool is that?

But AI is only as clever as is the group of humans who made it. (Ok, I’m fully aware that machines are capable of writing code, but let’s save the debate about the challenges of that issue to another time). For instance, in Britain the deployment of an AI based facial recognition system was not a huge success when the systems were wrong up to 98% of the time. When they started to investigate the issue, they detected that some of the problems were likely because of too similar demographic and ethnic background of the people developing the system. In other words, the planning and executing suffered from the lack of diverse perspective and therefore the system recognized the features of the faces of different skin tone poorly.

(Want to hear more about the case? Learn more here: Coded Bias-webpage)

So is this the time to sign up for a coding course and get into developing software?

Not necessarily. (Although, I personally give a great recommendation to that industry too)

Let’s talk about, how a marketer can benefit from the AI. The Holy Grail of effective communication is to send the right kind of message, on the right channel, at the right time to the right audience. In addition, you have to be able to deliver your core message in seconds to catch the attention of the ever-demanding contemporary audience with a short attention span. To be able to succeed with this, you need to take into consideration every single one of these factors to find the right kind of “combo” to engage your audience.

AI is a great way to handle and analyze this kind of data. Our role is to teach the AI to identify and validate the factors that we as a company find relevant to our marketing. So, the most important thing is not to know the code semicolon by semicolon, but to understand our business processes and identify the ones where we need help. It is not even a question to hire an in-house programmer, since there are already existing open AI solutions that your company might find useful and maybe someday time will be right to even develop an AI of your own.

Artome is a pioneer in making installation free audiovisual technology, but the pioneering mindset is the base of the working culture throughout the whole company. We see the benefits AI can offer to the product development, marketing and sales in the future and how it can help us to find signals from our data that can predict upcoming trends and even increase our competitive advantage. For me it is obvious that getting in “AI tune” and working with it instead of against it, is not a question of choice -it is a necessity. That’s why I hope, that this blog post has helped you to get to the verge of the subject and issues related to it and that it will encourage you to find out more information about AI solutions and how they could benefit your business.