Growing my career in a growing company

One year ago, I graduated from University of Applied Sciences. When I got my degree certificate, I had already been working for a week in an international growing company, Artome. So, at the same time I opened a new chapter in my life while closing the doors of the school.  

For me it was quite clear already from the beginning when starting my career in a growing company, that it might not be the easiest way to start, but it was worth it. I saw a huge possibility in being able to start at that point, where the company grows all the time, so I decided to apply for the position of Marketing Coordinator of Artome and challenge myself. Would I be able to keep up with my skills during the journey of the growing company and earn valuable work experience?  

What has the past year brought to me?

They say that one year is a long term for anyone, but I think it depends on who you ask. For me the year at Artome went by as fast as time when building our house. (Me and my fiancé built our own house in one year.) When talking about Artome as a company, it has signed many new reseller contracts to the new countries during the past year, the team has grown all the time and Artome has been displaying at the international fairs several times. At the moment the products of Artome can be found already in over 30 different countries, which is so cool!

In my current position as a Marketing Coordinator, I have learned to handle challenging processes just like in our house building project. I also think that nowadays I can handle working under pressure even better. I’m responsible for Digital Marketing, Google Ads -campaigns, Search Engine Optimization and PR, (which challenges a lot).  

Coordinating different marketing photoshoots and international fairs has also brought me lots of work experience. Same goes with attending last Autumn to Orgatec -event in Cologne, which is the leading international trade fair for the modern working world. 

It doesn’t matter how many times you fall, but how many times you get up

Also, this year there will be future’s shining stars graduating from schools and starting their career. They are in the same stage that I was one year ago. I want to encourage all of them who are applying for a new job and who may be hesitant in opening new doors in life – just do it, because you will thank yourself later.  

I believe that mostly everything begins from your own attitude. You can choose to do the same things every time and always be successful in that, or you can challenge yourself by pushing yourself forward and when you achieve success -it truly feels like you have won something big in that moment! Don’t fear failure because it doesn’t matter how many times you fall but how many times you will get up.