Hotel AX

When the traditional presentation solution wasn't an option

Hotel AX had its grand opening on May 2022 in Jätkäsaari Helsinki and at the same time the doors opened to art and culture. Hotel AX is an artistic playground, where the inspiration begins. When Hotel AX was already under construction, the choice between different presentation technology solutions became a topic. Hotel AX's general manager Riitta Liikamaa tells that they didn't prefer any fixed devices so any traditional presentation solution weren't an option. They were looking for an all-in-one and movable solution which could be also easy-to-use in all kinds of events from parties to meetings. "We were absolutely thrilled about the solution", tells Liikamaa. She also adds that they didn't have a clue about this kind of movable design furniture but after a little bit of googling, they found Artome and that was the moment when story of Hotel AX and Artome M10 began.

Finnish design was a perfect match

The furniture of Hotel AX is Finnish design so according to Liikamaa, Artome M10 being also designed in Finland, was a perfect match for Hotel AX.

Artome M10 in Hotel AX.

For us it is really important, that it (Artome M10) is designed and made in Finland, because we are a place for rejuvenating inspiration and a gateway to the Helsinki's art.

Artome M10 close up in Hotel AX.