Artome M10 in Naava showroom with man walking by

Finns combining their forces

The global market leader in living green walls & biologically air-purifying design furniture Naava opened a new flagship showroom to the heart of the City of Helsinki in 2022. The new showroom is based on biophilic space design as it showcases how to build and plan healthy, vivid and comfortable spaces. From the Naava showroom it is also possible to find other Finnish innovations, like installation-free and movable presentation solution Artome M10.  

Bringing ease to event organizing 

Artome has had a chance to showcase at Naava booth in international events as well. With Artome Naava has been able to take advantage of the audiovisual technology on the booth and display images and videos. Eeva Niemelä, Head of Customer Experience and design in Naava tells how Artome M10 blended in to the booth perfectly because of its scandinavian design -look. Besides that, Artome was easy to use during the event for its adaptability and mobility.

We were able to project visual content to the wall and even change the images easily. The overall look of the booth was elegant enough to get the attention of the customers and we managed to execute it in a sustainable way without any taping.

All-in-one audiovisual solution, Artome M10, in Naava showroom

Cost-effective and sustainable way to brand up the booth 

Artome offers an easy way to avoid screen renting and taping at the events. It is more cost-effective and environment-friendly compared to other more common options used in branding the booths in events and exhibitions. Naava is on a mission to re-seed the respect for nature and drive people and the planet towards healthier, sustainable urban living. That’s why they are not so keen in using expendable materials.  

The printing and taping an expandable image to our wall and installing our logo would have cost us about a thousand euros. Luckily we had Artome M10 to brand up our booth

Scandinavian design was a perfect fit 

Naava brand is not only driven by sustainability matters, but a Scandinavian excellency and design as well. This is what they also find important in Artome.  
”It is very important to us that Artome fits perfectly together with our products and our brand identity”, Eeva Niemelä summaa.  

Do you want to learn more about designing flexible and biophilic spaces?

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